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I am not gathering any information about visitors to this site.

The hosting company is probably gathering statistics, but these statistics are things like number of times a page is viewed and do not include your e-mail address or any personal information.

There are some sections of this site (such as the Performers and Teachers pages in Belly Dance Florida) for which the purpose is to publish information about people and groups. Any personal information that is so published is done with the permission of that person. I do not post such information without permission, nor do I share it with any other organization or individual.

Some pages on this site may also contain links to other sites with which I have an "affiliation." What this means is that, when you click on the link, the target site knows you came from my site. The only information I pass is that I was the one who sent you there; the target site, however, may collect additional information about you, or place cookies, etc.

For more information on which links I have affiliations with, please see my page on how to support