Sherry's Tai Chi Page

Sherry's Tai Chi Page

This page is intended to provide some auxiliary information for Sherry Reardon's Tai Chi classes. Currently her only classes are at Valencia Shores thru Body Wellness.

- Under Construction Please bear with me while I build this page. Right now we have...

Basic Tai Chi Syllabus

A reminder/preview of some of the things we go over in class.

Standing meditation (Wu Chi)


Chi Gong
  Heavenly Cloud Hands
  Lolo Cleansing

Tai Chi Postures and Forms
  Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg
  Hold the Ball
  Ward Off
  Grasp the Bird's Tail (Ward Off, Roll Back, Press, Push)
  Single Whip
  Circle Form
  Brush Knee
  Part the Wild Horse's Mane
  Wave Hands like Clouds
  Yang 8 Form 

Gratitude-3 Bows

More About Sherry

Sherry received her Tai Chi teaching certification from Sifu Gary Tong. Check out his website at for lots of great info, including videos.