Banville Connection

Connection between Gracia and Henri Banville

Info from Donna, 30 Apr '09.

Hi Everyone!

Almost all the families settled in Rimouski and surrounding areas. The earliest Banville I can find from the Canadian records is Jacques Banville, who was from Bayeux, Calvados, Basse-Normandie, France(1695-1754). I got a reference to ships records that he emigrated to the Rimouski area sometime in 1744, but another record that he died in France. His son, Louis, was born in Bayeux, and died in Canada, so it looked like Jacques brought his family over, then returned later to France.

I have had fun tracing back some of the other names from the female lines. Some of the connections are questionable, so I did not follow those, but I did follow one that went back to William the Conqueror. Yup, we are directly related to his wife, and therefore their children, so that makes us decendents of King Henry the First of England. I also traced another line back to Spain. I am still working on that one, and it is in the year 647. Those Spanish names are all Dukes and Kings of Citystates, I think before there was a king of all of Spain. We even have an arabic name that popped in around that time (probably from when Morroco conquered Spain.).

Anyway, here are images from the Banville line.

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