Florida Dancer Postys

(Part of Sherezzah's Middle Eastern Postys)

This page enables you to create postys (online postcards) with images of of dancers from the Belly Dance Florida web site.

This group includes dancer names starting from N-R.

Follow the directions below to create and send the e-cards.

1. Select a Picture

Na'ila (Ft. Myers)
Na'ila (Ft. Myers)
Nathalie (Hollywood) Nefret International (Miami) Nilly (Weston)
Nefret International
Nilly (Weston)
Orlando Dance Theatre) Pari (Boynton Beach) Renee (South Miami)
Orlando Dance Theatre Pari
(Boynton Beach)
Renee (South Miami)
Rimarah Hare (Hallandale) Rising Phoenix Dancers (Delray Beach)
Rimarah Hare
Rising Phoenix Dancers
(Delray Beach)
(You may also return to the previous page to select from dancer names earlier in the alphabet, or go to the next page to select from dancer names later in the alphabet.)


2. Select Colors

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3. Attach Music

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4. Write Your Message

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5. Address Your Posty and Send

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