Dancers on Tapestries Postys

(Part of Sherezzah's Middle Eastern Postys)

I've acquired a collection of tapestries with dancers on them. This page enables you to create postys with pictures from some of them. Just follow the directions below.

1. Select a Picture

Dancer with horse Dancer without horse Dancers with pots
With horse Without horse With pots
Dancer pair 1 Dancer pair 2 Dancer pair 3
Pair 1 Pair 2 Pair 3
Dancer and musicians Gypsy bazaar Ghawazee
With musicians Gypsy bazaar Ghawazee
Sword dancer Belly dancer Dancer in harem courtyard
With sword Belly dancer In harem courtyard
Dancer with camel Gypsy dancer Dancing duo
With camel Gypsy entertainer Duo
Dancer with cymbals Musical trio Dancing duo 2
With cymbals Musical trio Dancing duo 2


2. Select Colors

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4. Address Your Posty and Send

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