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Are you spying on us? I decided to take the running commentary about how and what the cats were doing, and move it off the home page. Newer items are added at the bottom, but here are some links so you can get to the new stuff quicker:

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The original postings about Mimi and Holly:

Cat update 12/15/06, minor changes 12/27/06

Well, while I can't say they're buddies, yet, Holly and Mimi are at least tolerating each other now. They can be in the same room, a few feet apart, looking at each other without either one getting defensive. These occasions usually end after a few minutes in one of two ways: one or the other starts chasing the other (I'm hoping this is play), or else one (usually Mimi) just walks away nonchalantly.

Mimi seems well adjusted and goes everywhere in the house. She's decided I'm a good source of petting and cuddles, so often jumps in my lap when I'm watching TV or at the computer. Her latest thing is she watches TV: sits right in front of it and moves her head as things move on the screen.

Holly also seems pretty comfortable in the house, although until very recently she's been tending to restrict herself to the bedroom area. She's no longer hiding under the bed all the time; she's on top of it most of the time. In fact, she's now sleeping with me. And lately she's been making more and longer excursions into the rest of the house.

Cat update 5/29/08

Well, it's been quite a while since I posted how the cats were doing. They did finally make friends. It was probably early February 2007 that I caught them wrestling.... but making NO sound. I figured it had to be play, because if it were a real fight, surely one of them would be screaming. A few days later I caught them in a similar position, but this time Holly was grooming Mimi. And Mimi looked happy (hey, I'd be happy too if someone were licking my ear--OK, well, it would probably depend on the "someone").

So now they're both very comfortable all over the house. Mimi is braver with strangers; she's the one more likely to be seen if I have friends over.

Holly likes watching TV with me... OK, she's not really watching, but she does like to lie down right next to me while I watch. She doesn't seem to want to get in my lap though. She also likes sleeping in the bed with me at night, although not right next to me.

On the other hand, I have no idea where Mimi spends her nights. I do know she has sleeping spots all over the house, so she could be anywhere.

Mimi and her shadow...

Cat update 11/22/08

Maybe it's just the cooler weather, but the cats seem to be getting more cuddly lately. Mimi especially--she's coming up to me pretty often demanding to be petted, standing in my lap. She usually takes off before she actually settles into my lap, but not always. Also, they both seem to be spending more time on the bed, although I suspect that's because of the fluffy comforter I put on for the season :-)

Cat update 5/23/10

It's been a while since I made an update here, mainly because nothing of great note has been happening--until now. This past Friday I took Mimi to the vet for a dental cleaning. Her gums have been very red and bad-looking, and I had just recently noticed she'd actually lost a tooth. This was an all-day process, because the vet has to put her under anesthesia and all, but she did well. (I wish I'd taken some video of her stumbling around when she first got home, it was pretty funny :-)

pic of Mimi and Holly Holly, on the other hand, didn't take it so well. She's actively avoiding Mimi now. Holly will either run and hide when Mimi comes into the same room, or she'll hiss and maybe attack. In fact, yesterday morning I was woken up at 5:30am by the sounds of a cat fight; fortunately it was very brief. It's like Holly has totally forgotten that she and Mimi were friends (like in the pic at right, taken not that long ago).

Perhaps she's remembering the last time Mimi came home smelling like that, that the next thing Holly knew was I was stuffing her in the carrier and taking her off to a very unpleasant place (because it was her time to go to the vet also). Of course that wasn't Mimi's fault...

Presumably Holly will come around (again) but it's disturbing to have this setback.

Cat update 10/23/10

Just to update on my last entry, it took about 2 weeks before Holly and Mimi were back to normal.

pic of Mimi and Holly But the main reason I'm posting here now is to share the picture at left, which I found in an old magazine about Delray Beach. It was on a page was showing adoptable animals at the pound. At first I was a bit surprised, thinking, "Wow, that looks like Holly." Then I was even more suprised to see that, yeah, it was Holly. Then I looked closer and saw that yeah, it was a really old magazine--it was dated 2006 (the year I got Holly).

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