Butterfly World

Butterfly World

In January 2004, I (Sherry) went with my mother, Terry, to Butterfly World in Pompano Beach. It was wonderful! Terry took the pictures. We tried identifying the butterflies, but I've forgotten them now. However, I do seem to recall that the dull-looking guy at right was bright blue on the inside, like this:

In fact, here's another pic showing this butterfly with a hint of those blue wing topsides:

Here's some other butterflies:

There are also some lovely gardens to walk through, with interesting plants. These pink trumpets are called Brugmansia or "Angel's Trumpet."

Here are two pix of a weird flower, Aristolochia, the "Dutchman's Pipe."

And here are two different varieties of Passiflora, commonly called "Passion Flower."

"For a good time, try the lorikeet encounter." Here are the lorikeets getting very friendly with Terry and me:

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