Butterfly World July '08 - Butterflies

Butterfly World - July '08

I (Sherry) remembered my camera when I returned to Butterfly World in July 2008. I got a lot of pictures, so I separated them by topic (which also happens to correspond to sequence) into two pages to save on loading time:


It was a glorious day and there were LOTS of butterflies flying around, unlike my previous trip with my mother, when it was a bit wet from morning rains and most of the butterflies were sitting around. It's hard to get good pictures of butterflies when they're flittering about, but I did manage to catch a few sitting:

This next guy was so interestingly colored that I had to try to catch him as he fed off a flower, but he never stayed still long enough for me to get a really sharp photo:

And then a little further along, I found this other individual of the same species posing just fine:

Continuing into the next section of the butterfly enclosure (the "Rain Forest" area), we go by some hanging plants. This one seemed especially weird looking, with its pitcher things, so I had to take a picture.

There are some feeders out for the butterflies; apparently they like bananas. If you look closely in this picture, you can see more butterflies in the foliage.

And of course the butterflies also feed on the variety of plants they have there:

Here I am in the upper part of the Rain Forest enclosure.

This little guy is actually a wild butterfly, outside the main butterfly enclosures, where they have interesting gardens and other stuff.

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