Butterfly World July '08 - Flowers and Birds

Butterfly World - July '08

This is part 2 of my excusion to Butterfly World in July 2008. Part 1 focussed on the butterflies.

Flowers and Birds

As mentioned before, they have interesting outdoor gardens. One section contains a wide assortment of Passion Flower plants, including some varieties that apparently were developed right at Butterfly World. Here's some I got pictures of:

And this weird-looking thing is called a Dutchman's Pipe:

They also have a couple of aviaries with an assortment of exotic small birds, many of which are very colorful (whence the name "Jewels of the Sky" for one of them). Alas, I don't remember all the species.

This guy had such a long tail I didn't even get it all in the first picture:

And some more:

And there were even a bunch of macaws out in the open area between the two aviaries:

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