New Kitty - Holly

Another New Kitty - Holly

(initial posting June 6, 2006) I'd been thinking for a while that Mimi needed a friend, so this past weekend (June 4) I again went to the pound to look for a potential companion. They'd added a large new room for the cats since the last time I was there, so they weren't all so crowded together and it wasn't so overwhelming. It was still hard to pick one out, though.

There were a couple of cats I'd had some interest in on my previous visits, but they didn't seem to be there any more (I assume they got adopted... good for them!) There were a couple of cats listed on their web site that I was also interested in. After looking at those and a bunch of others, I finally settled on Holly:

This is the only decent picture I've gotten of her so far, mainly because she tends to be very wiggly around me. She just loves to be petted and seems to enjoy being around people. She doesn't seem to get along with Mimi yet, though, but I assume that will come. After all, I've only had her 2 days and she's still a bit nervous in the house. She's been braver than Mimi was about exploring, but I guess that's because she's younger (about 1 year old) and didn't spend as much time in the pound.

6/30/06 update: Well, perhaps braver in explorations, but not very brave overall. She's spending most of her time under the bed. She seems fairly happy under there... I often hear her playing with some toy with a jingle bell on it. She does come out readily when I call and occasionally when I don't, and is very friendly and cuddly when she's out.

But, she's still afraid of Mimi. Holly runs away as soon as she catches a glimpse of her. It's not that Mimi is generally on the attack (although she does occasionally); Holly just gets immediately defensive. If Mimi follows her under the bed, Holly growls at her. Although there does seem to be less growling now than there was earlier in the month, progress is very slow. Sigh. (And, because she's usually under the bed, I have no new pictures...)

7/13/06 update: Although still slow, progress is definitely being made. The day after my last post, I would occasionally see Holly out from under the bed without my having to entice her out. (That meant I was able to get a few more pictures.) And just today, she actually came out of the bedroom on her own (without me carrying her) a couple of times. But she still runs and hides when she sees Mimi.

In the window:

On the rug:

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