Maritime Aquarium, July '08

Maritime Aquarium, July '08

One day during my July 2008 visit to Connecticut, I went with my mom and dad (Terry and Harley) to the Maritime Aquarium in south Norwalk ("SoNo").

We arrived just in time to catch the seal feeding. What with it being summertime, it was pretty crowded with kids, so we had to make our way up to the overlook on the second level:

The permanent part of the Aquarium is focussed mainly on Long Island Sound.

Here's Harley looking at some fish and a really big lobster.

They even have a shark tank.

A special exhibit going on at the time was "African Underwater Safari," which included a lot of colorful tropical fish:

Another special exhibit was this albino alligator; there's apparently just 44 of them known in the entire world. Living in South Florida, I have a lot of experience with alligators, and I can tell you this one is demonstrating typical 'gator behavior.

Associated with the Africa exhibit was a "Lost Temple" virtual roller coaster ride. Although I wasn't really interested in doing the ride, I did feel compelled to pose with it, and pretend I was in Egypt again.

But I think we all agreed that one of our favorite exhibits was the frogs, especially the poison-dart frogs (left). Almost everybody who saw them first thought they were fake, because they're such wild colors and they look like they're made of plastic. But if you watched long enough, you would see them move and hop around. Following are a couple of close-ups:

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