Visit to Connecticut, July '08

Visit to Connecticut, July '08

by Sherry

In July 2008, I travelled up to Connecticut to visit the 'rents for a week. Alas, my camera was having battery problems, so I wasn't able to get as many pictures as I would have wanted. But I did get a few.

Sunday July 6
Arrived safely, but with some flight delays. Rented a car at Stewart Airport; was offered a Chevy Cobalt, a PT Cruiser. or a Nissan Sentra. I asked what color they were and he said it was a white Cobalt, a blue PT Cruiser, and I forget what he said about the Sentra--probably black or something. I asked, "Shouldn't the Cobalt be blue?" and he looked at me like I was nuts. Sigh. Anyway, I picked the PT Cruiser, which was a really nice shade of blue, and really cute. The drive to the folks' was uneventful.

Monday July 7
We spent the morning walking and hunting mushrooms (surprise!) in Trumbull, at Indian Ledge and nearby. Not much to find, and I didn't take any pictures either. Had lunch at the Old Towne Restaurant and had a wonderful pizza with shrimp scampi on it.

Tuesday July 8
We played tourist and went to the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk. I took a bunch of pix, so put them on a separate aquarium visit page. Afterwards I treated the folks to lunch at Outback (the one near them actually serves lunch).

Wednesday July 9
Another walk in the woods for mushrooms, this time at Putnam State Park. Took a few pictures there:

Terry with a "boater" (Black Velvet bolete).
General view in the park.
A really pretty yellow Amanita.
Terry sees some mushrooms (black trumpets, they were) in the woods.

Thursday July 10
Terry and I went up to the New Britain Museum of American Art. I got to see the painting that Terry exhibited in front of that is shown in one of the Connecticut reports elsewhere on this site, as well as several others she'd done arrangements for (she brought pictures). We also saw the Chihuly chandelier that had just been installed, as well as a nifty multimedia stairwell thing by Lisa Hoke that had also just recently been completed.

Friday July 11
Another walk in the woods, again in Trumbull, not sure what the area is called. Right is Terry with carrying her basket.

Below is a damselfly. I was excited to see them flying around. I don't think I've ever seen one down here in South Florida (although I see plenty of dragonflies).

Saturday July 12
We all had lunch with Mark at the Chowder Pot in Guilford, then visited his house to check out his guitars. Check out Stol Guitars for more info about his guitars.

Sunday July 13
Return to Florida; another safe trip, but not exactly uneventful after they cancelled my first flight. Sigh...

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