Connecticut 10/02

Sherry's Visit to CT, October 2002

by Sherry

I went to visit the 'rents, a.k.a. Terry and Harley, for a long weekend October 4-7, 2002. Scott and Pam decided to come up from Pennsylvania for the occasion, picking me up at Stewart Airport on the way.

Of course, when you think of Terry and Harley, you think of mushrooms, and this weekend was loaded with them. For starters, there was a hen-of-the-woods starting to grow by a stump in the yard (right). (This was a young hen; maybe we should call it a chick-of-the-woods?)

Friday evening at dinner Scott and Sherry were getting silly, as usual. This time it was Scott's fault: he described this place in Venezuela that was in the Guiness Book of World Records for having the most flavors of ice cream--well over 300, including all kinds of fruits, liqueurs, vegetables, and meats(!) One weird flavor that he remembered was spaghetti and shrimp. We were trying to think of other possible flavors, like perhaps anaconda... or piranha. Scott suggested "Wombat Nougat" but then we had to wonder what part of the wombat the nougat comes from....

Saturday was devoted mainly to two activities: going for a foray/walk in the woods (quite a few pictures so I've put that on a separate page), and having dinner (pizza, of course) at the lovely Riverside restaurant. We were hoping to meet up with Mark and Kathy there also, so we could have the whole nuclear family together. But alas, Mark was delayed in Massachusetts, racing or something.

Sunday the big event was an all-day Wild Mushroom Festival at Sessions Woods Environmental Education Center in Burlington. It started with a foray, and then from 11-5 was open to the public with exhibits, lectures, and activities on various aspects of mushrooms, like spore prints, microscopy, dyes, medicinal uses, and all kinds of things. I got signed up to work the Kiddie Korner, along with this other woman Diana, who didn't have kids either... no wonder we were so easily suckered...

Here's some more photos from the Fest:

After exhausting ourselves with that all day, it was early to bed so we could rise and get to the airport early on Monday.