Connecticut Reports

Reports from Connecticut

I occasionally receive interesting reports with pictures from Terry in Connecticut, and I think it'd be fun to share most of them.

Feb 22, 2005: Needing to address some urges, "I got my basket out today but the only place I went was the front yard to create this."

April 3, 2005: No mushrooms, of course, but did find these signs of Spring:

Wild leeks

Skunk cabbage

April 11, 2005: "This wee thing was no more than 5/8" high. It's a black one but they're gray when they first come up. That's the first time I've seen the stem on such a wee one.... I left it to grow, of course."
morel2 morel1

May 17, 2005: "It's such a beautiful time of year here in the far north."

Canada Columbine

Fringed polygala

Marsh Marigold

Plucked morels

False morel

Morel cluster

November 4, 2005:

CT color in Nov

CT late autumn

Late afternoon Nov 3

CT as Monet might have painted it

Dec 9, 2005: "When the weather dumps 5" of perfect snow, get out and build a snowshroomer. That's what I did this morning. And it was such fun!"
Late for the foray

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