Connecticut Reports - 2006-7

Reports from Connecticut - 2006-2007

I occasionally receive interesting reports with pictures from Terry in Connecticut, and I think it'd be fun to share most of them. These are from 2006 and 2007.

April 12, 2006: "Last weekend, I exhibited a design in the lobby of the New Britain Museum of American Art for the opening of their 26 million new wing. (It's a real gem in New Britain.) My design was 7 1/2' h. above the pedestal surface."
Arrangement against wall Terry with arrangement
"Floral Expressions": Wall Drawing #11956 Scribbles - Sol LeWitt


January 11, 2007: Some pics of Scott and Mark making music at Xmastime with guitars handmade by Mark. "The one that Scott was playing has a beautiful vine and Japanese maple leaves inlay throughout the neck. I think it's of "mother of pearl", not sure. The wood in the striped one is of different species of wood glued together. The craftsmanship in both is truly fine."
Grinning guitar man Guitar men Mark's guitar


January 28, 2007: "It was a beautiful 40 deg. day to walk on the railroad bed along the Pequonnock river, today."
Cool curves BRRRrr!


August 30, 2007: Sherry went with her friend Francesca to visit the 'rents at the end of July, before continuing on to Massachusetts to Oasis Dance Camp. One day we went to visit Mark and his magic machine that carves wood by computer:
Mark's magic machine
Above, Sherry, Mark, and Harley pose while the magic machine works.

Right, detail of the machine at work. We're having it make a sign that says "Oasis Dance Camp." Mark's magic machine at work
Happy sign holders Francesca, Mark, and Sherry pose happily with the finished product.

Sherry blueberry picker The next day we went out blueberry picking, among other things. That's me (Sherry) at right.

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