Dance Bag from Mom

The Dance Bag from Mom

In 2008, I got what is quite possibly the bestest Christmas present EVER, from my Mom (Terry Stoleson). It's a dance bag, which might not sound like much, although it is definitely something I can make use of. The really wonderful thing about it is that it was totally hand made:

dance bag side showing 'I love to dance' dance bag side showing camel

OK, I don't think she actually made the fabric, but she did sew it together; she embroidered the designs, including the camel (she knows I like camels); and she stitched on the coin belt and loose coins. By her own admission, she was making up the design as she went along. The coin belt has its own backstory: I actually gave it as a gift to my mother back when she was also taking belly dance classes, 20-some-odd years ago... But since she's not using it any more, she decided to use it on the bag, which is a truly excellent example of how regifting can be a good thing. But my favorite part of all was the designer label:

Created especially for Sherry by Mom - with love!

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