A Foray in the Connecticut Woods - 2002

Terry, Harley, Sherry, Scott and Pam went for a foray/walk in the woods at Collis P. Huntington park in Redding, Connecticut on October 5, 2002. It was a beautiful day for walking. And a beautiful place to do it.

Of course, walking in the woods means checking out the flora and the mushrooms which I don't think really count as flora.

Here's some pictures of mushrooms we found:

An Amanita.


A reddish one.


A pretty little bright red fungus.


Notice how this one stains blue when cut.


Left, Terry climbing the mossy banks looking for shrooms. Right, an old log covered with little puffballs.

We did see some fauna also... Pam has an especially good eye for them:

A red eft.

A tree frog.

Dragonflies mating.