Green Cay 5/08

Green Cay May 2008

Visiting Green Cay in May 2008, I was fascinated watching some purple gallinules and their chicks. They were poking around some vegetation that made it difficult to get decent pictures, but I did get these:

Here's an adult feeding a chick.

Here's a close up of a chick. While not as ugly as the common gallinule chicks, these are still pretty funny-looking, with their weirdly proportioned legs and wings. If I squint at this guy the right way, it looks like a completely different kind of creature, where the little wings are big ears.

Here's a moorhen (common gallinule) family, apparently all watching something interesting. These must be older chicks, since their heads are pretty fuzzy.

The below looks like an idyllic scene, doesn't it? It looks so peaceful with the trees reflecting in the still water. But check it out....

Look closely at the areas pointed to by the arrows... there are two alligators hiding in the picture.

Below are closer-ups of the two alligators:


And if you look right just about midway between the two 'gators, you can see this glossy ibis, apparently unconcerned.

This is the local equivalent of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster. (It's a snakebird.)

This is an anhinga in a typical pose, but I think the shot is interesting because of the reflection.

And yes, this is the same kind of bird as in the previous photo. I call them "snakebirds" when they're in the water (for the somewhat obvious reason) and "anhingas" when they're out (perhaps because they don't resemble snakes then :-)

And here's a couple of turtles sharing a log. Sorry, I really haven't learned to identify the turtles yet. I know there's a type called a "cooter", which I'd love to be able to identify just because I think it's a funny name, but I'm pretty sure neither one of these guys is a cooter.

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