Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari

(by Sherry)

In September 2007, I went to Lion Country Safari, which is out west of Palm Beach. This was one of the very first attractions I ever went to in Florida, umpty-ump years ago, and I still enjoy it.

The largest part of it is a drive-through preserve, with lots of different animals. For the most part, the animals are pretty calm, although you do need to be careful driving and always give them the right of way.

Sometimes, however, the animals do something a little crazy (they are wild animals, after all). That's why you need to keep your windows closed!

A lot of the animals in the drive-through are are various kinds of antelope and other deer-like critters. I'm no expert on horned animals, so I can't tell you what they all are, but I do recall that the ones with the white rings around their butts (like the first picture below) were waterbuck.

In the picture below, check out the guy in the middle--one of his horns curves back at an odd angle.

Also, the guy on the far right has an odd mutant right horn.

More antelope-like animals:

And here's a whole herd of them, most of whom seem to be doing snoozies:

Of course, there are some animals that are more readily recognizable, like the water buffalo at right. All the water buffalo seemed to be in the water this day.

And of course there are the lions, which are now behind a fence (even though Lion County Safari has never had a problem with them, but you never know when some bozo might want to start a lawsuit).

Ah, wildebeest!

Then there's the rhino and zebra area:

Yipes! Stripes!

You do not argue when a rhino wants to cross the road.

Nor a zebra neither, for that matter...

You can get an idea how tall this giraffe is by seeing how much he towers over the fence.

I find this image interesting because there are 3 giraffes echoing the same artistic line.

There is also a walk-through area at Lion Country, with of course your kiddie rides, gift shop, restaurant, as well as some other animal exhibits:

The coolest part, in my opinion, is the giraffe feeding platform, where you can get "up close and personal" with the giraffes:

Up close and personal--as in "face to face."

Here's one of the keeper-types with the smallest giraffe.

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