Lake Trail - Palm Beach

Lake Trail - Palm Beach

(by Sherry)

I enjoy riding my bike along the Lake Trail in Palm Beach. This is a nice paved path for pedestrian use and is popular for walking, jogging, and blading, as well as biking. Along most of its way, you have the Intracoastal Waterway (also known as Lake Worth in this area) on one side, and fabulous Palm Beach homes on the other.

I took a few pictures when I went there in late July 2008. There are two spots that are particularly photogenic. The first is the big kapok tree, which is a really odd-looking thing located near the Flagler Museum. Here's a couple of shots from slightly different angles; that's me posing in the 2nd one to give you a sense of scale.

I had to back up about as far as I could possibly go to get a picture that showed the whole tree (almost):

When the Trail ends, I like to continue going a few blocks along the streets to the north end of the island. There's place there where you can go out on a little dock and get a great view of the Palm Beach Inlet (which is where the cruise ships go in and out):

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