Pat and Virg's Visit, 1999

Pat and Virg's Visit, 1999

Saturday, 11/20/99
Pat and Virg arrived right on schedule. We drove back down A1A and had pizza for dinner.

Sunday, 11/21/99
Virg's birthday. Went to Chesapeake Bagel for breakfast. Our gift to Virg and Pat (whose birthday is also coming up) was $20 each to spend on Ebay; Virg signed on and won her first auction within 10 minutes! Her second item wasn't scheduled to end until after lunch... meanwhile, Pat did a couple of bids but they were further out. We took them to Palm Beach for lunch at Chuck and Harold's--always a delight. Here they are after lunch:

The birthday girl

The nuclear Reardons, Bob, Virg, and Pat (l-r)
(Oh, and Virg won her other auction too... She's spent her $20! We're still waiting on Pat's.)

Monday, 11/22/99
Pat won her first auction on Ebay. Bob drove Virg over to the Tampa Bay area for an overnight visit to Gin and Don (Gin is Virg's niece) and Art and Caroline (Art is Virg's brother). Meanwhile, Pat stayed in Delray enjoying her vacation while Sherry worked.

In the evening, they went for a "Girls' Night Out" to dinner at Lucille's Bad to the Bone barbecue (yum!) They brought home some Bobby bags :-)

Tuesday, 11/23/99
Bob and Virg returned from their trip around lunchtime and snarfed down the leftovers from Lucille's. Pat did some shopping. They all had Sherry's homemade lasagna for dinner. After dinner they took a ride around Delray to check out the active downtown and other local hotspots.

Wednesday, 11/24/99
Pat's birthday. Appropriately, she won her second auction on Ebay. Bob took Pat and Virg for a ride to Wellington to check out the horse country. Pat's birthday lunch was at the Roadhouse Grill, where she got a big "Yeehah!" We always have a good time at the Roadhouse Grill.

What can we say?

Brooks is also making friends with Virg.

Friday, 11/26/99
Sherry had to work while the rest of the gang had fun. Pat and Virg did some shopping in downtown Delray.

Saturday, 11/27/99
Virg and Pat went to visit old friends from Kingston, the Sullivans. The Sullivans are snowbirds who live in Lake Worth during the winter. In the evening, we all went to downtown Delray again to see the lighting of the 120-ft. Christmas tree. What a sight!

Sunday, 11/28/99
We had breakfast at Ellie's 50's Deli, always a fun place. They have a jukebox that plays real old 45 rpm records--for free! Later in the morning we went for a nature walk in the Wakodahatchee Wetlands. Click here for more photos from that little trek.

Monday, 11/29/99
Bob took Pat and Virg for a ride up to Jupiter. The wanted to see the lighhouse, but it's under reconstruction and was under a tarp, so they stopped at the Crab House instead.

Virg treated everyone to lunch at the Roadhouse Grill again, because everyone enjoyed it so much when they were there on Wednesday. Then it was relaxing for the rest of the day, to allow Pat and Virg to prepare for their departure early Tuesday morning.