Reports from Up North - 2008-

Reports from Up North - 2008-

I occasionally receive interesting reports (with pictures) pictures from the family up North (since I'm in Florida, they're pretty much all "up North") and I think it'd be fun to share most of them. These are from 2008 to Winter 2010-2011.

November 30, 2008 (from Scott and Pam in Pennsylvania): "Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving! Since this holiday celebrates the fall harvest, we wanted to share with you some lovely fall pictures from Pennsylvania farm country (our house). We believe that after viewing these, you'll have at least one thing to be thankful for!"
House piled with snow Icicles hanging from eaves Barn with snow
"PS - For some perspective, the boards making up the grape arbor next to the barn are 1x6's."


January 31, 2009 (from Scott and Pam in Pennsylvania): "Despite the still very wintery conditions here, animals are poking their heads out in anticipation of spring! See attached pic.... Animals thinking spring!" {I later found out that Scott didn't take this photo, but he sent it to me, and it seems apt, so I'm leaving it here.)


December 5, 2010: Mark and the folks went to visit Scott and Pam in Pennsylvania over Labor Day weekend. Here are some of the pics they sent me:

Family picture (Harley seated in front; Terry, Scott, Pam and Mark standing in back, L-R; not sure which cat that is at left)

Scott and Dad, at the building where Scott works.

"Scott in the farm". I see lotsa farm, but where's Scott?

"Stoleson's September Harvest." (Sorry, I was not advised what all these things are.)

"Kitty lover." Mark enjoys his host's kitties.

"Calvin's bad day." (Mark took the pic and provided the caption.)

And, of course, they sent some pics of some mushrooms they found in the local National Forest:

"Stinkhorn condo."

"Stinkhorn sans Cialis."

"Stinkhorns everywhere."


December 28, 2010: Several recent assorted reports:

From Mark, Nov 27: "It's about 1:50 in the afternoon and the third time the (SUNGODS) have positioned their tiny bodies in the sun's path. OOOOOhhhh tough life !!!

This happens about 5 times a day :)"

From Scott, Dec 6: "So, I got about half-way through brushing the snow off my truck this a.m. when I decided I was not going to get to work today.....

FYI, it's snowed all day, too!"

From Scott, Dec 16: "So with all the snow we've been getting, I was concerned that the deer would start ravaging the various fruit trees I planted to find something to eat. So far, though, it looks like the 32 inch fences I put up around them seem to be working!

until they learn to use snowshoes, anyway..."

From Scott, Dec 21: "Just wanted to show you that Calvin has a new little girlfriend - her name is Lula. They play together much the time, and spoon some of the time (like when the wood stove is going).

Sherry - you haven't met Calvin (he's the tabby in the pic), but our neighbor basically dropped him off after he followed her home last November. He's the one who rode to Connecticut for Thanksgiving last year (>8 hrs in a car!) and liked it - kind of more dog than cat in many ways. Lula just showed up at our door a couple months ago, and we couldn't find any owner, so she's #8 (!!!)"

From Terry, Dec 21:

Dear "children",

Since, over time, you have all sent pictures of your happy kitties, I thought it only fair that your mama send you pictures of her happy paws.

I was sitting on the couch with my shoeless feet on the coffee table - .... as I frequently do, ..... and wiggling my feet (actually, they dance <;o> ) to exercise them after my working at City Line. The attached photo shows what I was inspired to do to show you how I am doing.


Your lovin' old ma


Feb 20, 2011: A few more recent reports:

From Terry and Harley, Dec 31: "We wish you all a healthful, fun, safe and prosperous 2011! Enjoy the process!"

From Terry, Jan 8: "We got about 6 to 8 more inches of snow late yesterday. It was gorgeous out there this morning. (see pictures) I wonder how long I'll use those words to describe it. It's already getting old. This may cause me to become a bit more sympathetic for Scott."

Snowball bush

Jan 8, 2011

Angel droppings on tulip tree

From Terry, Jan 16: "Greetings from cool Trumbull. Cool fringes everywhere today."

Fringe on Mijken's house

From Terry, Jan 22: "In my view this week, last weekend's interesting 'icicle fringes' hanging from eaves became damned 'WINTER'S FANGS!' And everytime I look out towards the back yard I see 'JAWS.'"

From Terry, Jan 27: "12" or 14" more *#<x#+^?~! angel shit!"

bird feeder 7 am today

From Mark, Jan 31: "just shoveled my roof one one side it drifted up to 3 feet NOT FUN !! but we are about to get slammed again with lots a snow and ice if ya see in the pic the lawn chair on the roof so i can rest LOL"

From Terry, Feb 7:

front lawn feb 4... looking toward Gingolaski's [west-ish]

Mount potty... looking towards Deluca's [eastish]. The "mount" is covering the 2 ft. H. stump and the foot H. flower pot that sits on it.

From Mark, March 7, 2011: "well now i would like winter to end !

woke up to this lovely picture this morning little dents all over and the hood is wasted !! :( heavy heavy winds"

[...And with that, I think we'll close out this page and start a new one for Spring 2011.]


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