Reports from Up North - Spring 2011-

Reports from Up North - Spring 2011-

I occasionally receive interesting reports (with pictures) pictures from the family up North (since I'm in Florida, they're pretty much all "up North") and I think it'd be fun to share most of them. This batch is from Spring 2011 and later.


July 6, 2011: Several assorted reports since the Spring:

March 12, 2011 (from Terry): "Guess the exact number of Crocus in the attached photo (taken today in the back yard) and you'll win a prize."

Crocus thomasinianus and Xylobolus

April 16, 2011 (from Scott): "Hey, it's that time of year again! SO here's this year's list of seeds I have, which I am very willing to share. [Ed Note: I put the list on a separate page to save some page loading time here.] Let me know if you'd like any of them and I'll ship some off. And, don't feel bad about how small my garden(s) will be this year - this doesn't include the live plants, or onion and shallot sets that I'll plant as well, or the garlic that's already growing. or the fruit trees and shrubs,....

(Sherry - I don't know if you garden or not - just thought you'd be amused by your OCG bro' -( Obsessive compulsive gardener)"

May 2, 2011 (From Terry): "The fun thing for both of us today was a call from a garden club gal who found lotsa shrooms growing under a dead tree in her yard. After confirming that they had a pitted surfae and were hollow, she told us we could have them all if we wanted HUH!!! We were there (4 miles up the road) in a very short time. We picked 133 young morels in 30 minutes. See [photos] to see how happy your dad was. He hasn't had so much fun in many weeks. It was great for him - and me too."

Happy Harley

Find the 13 Morels

September 3, 2011 (From Mark): "ok we had a bunch a trees down because of the hurricane so i made light of the situation !!"

my little tree top alien


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