Home Improvement Part 7

Home Improvements, Part 7

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(initial section posted 2/22/17)

Wallpaper Removal - Family Area

A while back, you may recall, I had done wallpaper removal for the front section, and decided that, although there was still more to do in the family and living areas, I wasn't going to do it by myself again. Finally, early 2017, I was able to get around to that item on my great To-Do list.

I'd actually done some research for a painter some months before based on recommendations in a Facebook group, and picked a likely candidate out, but that person seemed to have moved on to other things, so I had to re-do my research. I picked a couple of likely candidates, sent out some inquiries, and selected Chaz Home Painting. After I picked a color ("Navaho White" which was very close to the original wall color, maybe even the same color but I don't recall), he was able to start within a few days:

Prep: I needed to empty shelves, etc. of lots of books, knicknacks, videos, etc., so the furniture could be moved out of the way as needed. After 30 years in the house, there's a lot of stuff. This pic is when I'm most of the way done, and shows the old wallpaper.
Day 1: The first day was devoted to removing the wallpaper, which covered 2 large walls in the family area. It was textured wallpaper, so came off in 2 layers. This pic was partway thru the day, with one wall close to being cleaned off.
End of day 1: Wallpaper is off the walls.
Mimi enjoyed sleeping in the tarps the painter put down. He called her his "little supervisor."
Day 3: The job is mostly finished... After day 2 which was mainly prep of the walls that had the wallpaper removed (sanding, washing, etc.), the actual painting went pretty quickly. This day was actually only about 1/2 day of work, since the painter guy had to go out of town for the weekend. This pic shows the 2 freshly painted walls that previously had the wallpaper. There was still 1 other large wall and a few small walls that needed painting as well, and the furniture needs to be shuffled around a bit for that.
Day 4: Another 1/2 day to complete the job. Yes, this pic shows basically the same section as before. The wall unit and speakers are in their proper place now, but this doesn't show where the painting work happened this day. (That wouldn't show too much anyway, since the new paint is almost the same as the old paint.) What I wanted to show here is the curtain on a tension rod in the window. I am planning to replace the vertical blinds that were on the windows and sliding glass doors... actually, throughout the house. But these windows needed some covering in the meanwhile for privacy as well as to filter out some of the intense sunshine we have on that side of the house.

So, I was really pleased with the result. I did have some concerns, because the last time we hired painters, they did a pretty mediocre job and I had to go back and touch up a lot of what they did. This time I did feel a compulsion to go and clean stuff like areas under the furniture that had been moved, and shelves that had been emptied, but that had nothing to do with the quality of the painter's work. (In fact, I'm still in the process of doing that cleanup and putting stuff back as I write this.)


To be continued....


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