Wakodahatchee 3/05

Wakodahatchee March 2005

We took another visit to Wakodahatchee with the camera in March 2005. Another sunny but pleasantly cool day. Nothing terribly unusual this day.

The lovely fellow at right belongs to a guy who comes by the Wetlands occasionally.

Here's a great egret (same type, but different actual bird from top picture). It not too clear in the picture, but he's walking around with his feathers dragging in the water. The close-up shot shows some interesting color details on the face.

Above, a gator engaged in typical gator action.

Right, a cormorant. Note that this is different from an anhinga.

There are usually several kinds of ducks at Wakadohatchee. I think it's funny when they stick their butts up in the air, and you see their little feet going. I got a couple of pictures this trip.

OK, this is a test. What is this object? (Click on the picture for an expanded image.)