Wakodahatchee 11/07

Nature Walk(s) November 2007

So, I woke up Thanksgiving day 2007 and thought, "What a lovely day to go out for a nature walk!" So I decided I should go check out Wakodahatchee. I made sure to bring my camera because the last time I'd been there, just a week or two earlier, there was an otter around pretty close up and I was really sorry I didn't have the camera.

Alas, no otter this time. Probably the most interesting thing this trip was an iguana in a tree, but alas again, he moved into hiding before I could get a picture. Also interesting was that I talked to a guy who recommended the related Green Cay Wetlands, which I hadn't been to but had been thinking I should visit sometime. So I decided to go there too.

I took quite a few pictures at each location, so I've split them up onto two pages. This page (including the Great Blue at right) is Wakodahatchee, and I have a separate page for the Green Cay walk.


If I'd realized this Tricolor was going to be reflected in the water so clearly, I would've moved the camera down a tad.

Here are a couple of larger alligators. The one on the left is midsize, maybe 5 feet long. The one below is much bigger, like 12 feet. He's a local character who I believe is known as "the Slob".

This anhinga seems to be having problems swallowing something.

There's also interesting flowers and plants around; this is arrowhead.

Here's a Great White Egret in action.

Here's a turtle looking right at you. I believe this is a Red-Bellied Turtle. There are lots of turtles at Wakadohatchee.

I saw 3 baby alligators, maybe 12-18 inches long. I only got pictures of two though. You can see how they streamline themselves when they swim in the picture at right.

Below are the two close together.

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