Green Cay 12/07 and 3/08

Visits to Green Cay

Green Cay December 2007

It was mostly cloudy when I went to revisit Green Cay in December 2007, with some rain off in the distance making a perfect rainbow.

There were quite a bunch of purple gallinules this day. Alas, they were not very cooperative at posing for pictures, but I did get these:
There was also a turtle working on a nest for eggs; I think at this point she was burying them back up.
And here's a classic shot of a Great Egret, showing off its pretty feathers.

Green Cay March 2008

When I returned to Green Cay in March, there were lots of youngsters, mostly moorhens with their babies like in the picture at left. Their babies are really pretty ugly when they very young; they're bald and have bulgy eyes. Here's a closeup of one:

Here are some more moorhens (aka common gallinules) with their chicks:

And here's another ugly baby picture:

Here's some moorhens in action... not sure what they were fighting about.

These are the purple (not-so-common) gallinules. I thought the colorful birds amongst the green made an interesting shot.

Here's a great egret on the prowl, dragging his pretty tail feathers in the water.

This is not the same bird; in fact, it's not the same species. This is actually a little blue heron, which is white when it's immature.

And following are a couple of critters it's a bit hard to get pictures of:

Left, a green anole on the side of a palm tree.

Below, a snake in the water.

And the obligatory alligator picture... can you see it? Click on the picture for a face shot:

And here's an anhinga on a palm near the entrance. What I like about this shot is how the 3 palm trunks echo each other.

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