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We have interesting wildlife around the neighbohood here in Delray Beach, Florida. I'll be posting photos here occasionally if I take something interesting that doesn't fit anywhere else. Most of these are right at my house.

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(Newer items generally at the bottom; last updated 7/13/10.)

Here's some wood storks hanging out by a canal near the house:

Here's a snake that was hanging out by our pool:

This next guy, however, is not a snake, even though it's commonly called a "glass snake." It's really a legless lizard, and was hanging out on the front walk:

We have lots of lizards hanging around the house. They're hard to get pictures of, though, because they tend to be pretty skittish. For a long time, besides the legless one of course, all I'd managed to get was this little gecko:

But one evening this adult startled me, but actually stayed around long enough for me to get the camera and take the picture. Maybe he's admiring his reflection in the mirror. (added 7/1/08)

I was surprised to see this screech owl in the pool area one morning. It had apparently gotten in through the broken screens that were left after the hurricanes of 2004. It snoozed on top of the shutters all day, and found his way out in the evening (I left the door open for him). (added 1/22/05)

I occasionally see herds* of ibis in the yard poking at whatever it is that ibis poke at. (added 4/20/05)

* (OK, maybe "herd" isn't the right term, but since all I see them do is walk, it seems appropriate.)

When I saw this thing hanging (in a more literal sense than I usually use the word) from the overhang over the patio, I at first thought it was a leaf. Then I got to wondering how a leaf could get stuck to the underside of my patio roof, and I realized it was actually a butterfly, so I had to take its picture. I have since done some research, and I think it's a "Question Mark" butterfly (with long tails), but I didn't know enough to check for the telltale mark when I saw it, and the photo doesn't show. (added 7/28/05)

We have more butterfly pictures from Butterfly World.

We seldom saw these next guys back when we first moved into the house, but they've become quite common here in the last couple of years. These are curly-tailed lizards. OK, so tails are a bit flaccid in the pics; they mainly curl them when they move--and boy can they move fast. That's why it took me a long time to get pictures of them. The first one was taken through a window. The second one was taken from some distance away while the lizard rested on a tree. (added 10/14/05)

Here are a couple more pix of another curlytail (added 5/29/08):

This is a hawk that I saw sitting out on the back fence. It was pretty windy; you can sorta see the wind ruffling his feathers. It was hard to get a decent picture shooting through the window and the screen. The coloring indicates this is a juvenile; I think I decided it was a young red-shouldered hawk. (added 12/27/06)

This is what I believe is commonly called a Cuban Anole around here, although I think some people call it a Knight Anole. (added 5/29/08)

Down in the Ft. Lauderdale area (Dania Beach to be specific), there's a nifty restaurant called Islamorada Fish Company. One of the things that makes it fun is they have iguanas that hang around, often looking for handouts. Here's a couple of pictures of me feeding them leftover lettuce garnish. (added 8/1/08)
Right is a closeup of the second one.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen when I heard a big spash outside. I looked out at the pool and saw 3 ducks landing in it. Two of them immediately took off again, but the other one stayed around for a while, maybe an hour or so--long enough for me to figure out how to get my camera to not focus on the screen. (I had to shoot from inside, through a window and the patio screen. I could see the duck watching me through the window whenever I moved around, and I didn't want to scare it away.) (added 3/28/10)

Last Saturday I was a bit surprised to hear my doorbell ring while my yard service was working outside. It was my yard guy holding this tiny little turtle, saying we must have a lake around somewhere? Then he gave it to me so I could take it to the lake. But the turtle was so cute, I had to take a picture of it first (on my kitchen floor, with a penny nearby for scale). (added 7/13/10)

Sometimes I'm just not able to get a picture of something. Of course, this is especially likely when it's something I see rarely, which means of course that it's more interesting also. So I thought I'd at least mention some of the nifty critters I've seen but didn't get to photograph: (added 10/14/05)

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