(initial posting Feb 21, 2006) Well, it took a while after losing Nike and Brooks before I felt ready to get another cat, but after finally getting the tiling done, I thought it was time.

So it was that we found ourselves at the pound on February 12, 2006. (Bob insisted on coming to provide his "expert assistance.") It's now a no-kill shelter, so there were a LOT of kitties there. Big ones, little ones, in every color. A lot of black, and quite a few tortoiseshell. Most of them hang around in the "cat rooms", uncaged. It was, well, overwhelming. After visiting for well over an hour, I just couldn't decide, so we left, planning to come back the following week.

We were a bit more prepared when we returned on February 19, but it was still difficult. It took a while, but I finally settled on a cute little tortoiseshell (right). After they dug out the paperwork on her, I found out her name was Mabel, but that didn't seem like a really appropriate name for her. However, I didn't have a good idea for a new name either. So I've been pronouncing it May-belle, which seems a bit better. Maybe her personality will suggest something different as I get to know her better. Otherwise I may stick with Maybelle.

She's a fairly small cat (only about 8-9 pounds) and about 3 years old. So far the pic at right is the only decent one I've gotten... she's still in the hiding-most-of-the-time phase (as of 2/21).

February 24 update: Well, she's made a lot of progress. On Wednesday, she actually came out to say hello to some of my friends who were visiting (after most of them had left). On Thursday, she was staying on top of the furniture more than she was under it.

Also, I wasn't entirely happy with Maybelle as a name, so I've been trying out a couple others... Michele (as in "... ma belle"), and Mimi (she has a funny little meow, so that's kind of like her meow). She seems to respond to both of those better than Maybelle. I'm leaning toward Mimi right now.

March 20 update: OK, well, she's definitely Mimi now. And she's gotten quite comfortable in the house, doing stuff like climbing onto windowsills to go after lizards (left) and running around all over the place (which is pretty funny when she has to make a sharp turn on the new tile :-)

She doesn't seem to think of me as her mommy, probably because she was already an adult when I got her. She doesn't even seem to recognize that I'm her source of food yet; she's usually somewhere else in the house when I put the food down so doesn't see me do it. I think she thinks I'm just another big kitty.

Anyway, I got a couple of decent pictures of her on the Moroccan rug. She coordinates with it very well:

June 6 update: Well, everyone who's met her agrees Mimi is a very sweet, friendly, and gentle cat. However, I've been thinking she seemed a bit lonely, so this past Sunday I got another kitty. Anyway, here's some more pictures of Mimi:
On "her" rug, with a toy at upper left. On a bookshelf (shows how gentle she can be), being looked over by a painting of Brooks.
Cuddled up on one of my skirts.

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