Crazy Cat Lady Costume

Crazy Cat Lady Costume

There was a cat-rescue group called Operation Paw at Supercon in July 2016, and their booth had a few little cat-themed items for sale, as well as cats for adoption. I wasn't about to get another actual cat, but I did want to support them, so I got this cute little purse with a cat face on it. Then I got to wondering, when was I going to use this little purse? I started to think maybe some cat-theme outfit, and that led to the idea of cosplaying a crazy cat lady. (At least, I think that's how it happened.)

The more I thought about it, the more enthusiastic I got. I figured this would be an almost-no-cost costume, because I already had plenty of stuff to put it together with: lots of animal print clothing, some T-shirts and other clothing with cats on them, lots of cat jewelry, several stuffed-animal cats, etc.

This is what I eventually decided on, from the bottom up:

So, I got a chance to wear it at Paradise City Comic Con in December 2016, and got a lot of positive feedback on it. Here's the pic that shows all the cats best (not the best pic of my face, though :-)

Sherry R cosplay as Crazy Cat Lady

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