Sometime after Halloween 2014, I got it into my head that I wanted to have a Costume. Or maybe a couple of them. This desire was probably prompted partly by a couple of costumes-desirable events I'd attended around that time (e.g. Pirate Festival), partly by seeing friends wearing cool costumes, and partly by the fact that all I'd done for the last I-don't-know-how-many Halloweens was to wear a Halloween-themed T-shirt.

That initially led to the Kaylee costume (linked below). But since then I've also done others and I thought I'd share their stories also (arranged kinda-sorta with the newer ones later).

Not-So-Much Cosplay

I have an article with some musings about Ottoman costumes.

The following aren't exactly cosplay, but seem kinda related.

[Beach Zombie] [Psychedelic Unicorns] [Isis]

Beach Zombie

(Pic at left, June 2015) I participated as an extra for a low-budget movie called Beach Zombie Rampage. They did all the makeup; I just wore normal clothes (that I didn't mind getting messed up), choosing to go a little more on the "tourist" side. (Photo by Peter Jeffer. Not part of the movie, just hanging around taking pictures.)

Psychedelic Unicorns

I participated in a Color Vibe 5K as part of a 3-person team called the Psychedelic Unicorns. With that team name, I felt a need for us to have horns, so I made headbands out of socks and used duct tape to attach a party noisemaker-type horn. (Before and After pics below, January 2013)


Also see What being a Psychedelic Unicorn means to me.

The Goddess Isis

(Pic at left, March 2012) Each year since 2010 I've participated in Relay for Life with my team, the Anti-Cancer Belly Dancers. Each year we have a different theme, and in 2012, we chose Isis (the Egyptian Goddess) as our theme. At one meeting before the actual Relay, they invite the teams to come dressed for their theme... so we went all out-- pic at right (me with 2 of my teammates, posing with a friend whose theme was Wonder Woman).

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