What Happened to Wash in Serenity: A Rant

What Happened to Wash in Serenity: A Rant

Spoilers ahead! Do not continue if you have not seen the movie Serenity.


Every fan of the Firefly TV series is doubtless disturbed by some of the deaths in the movie Serenity. Book's death could perhaps be understood, since it was fairly relevant to the plot of the story, but Wash's death seemed so pointless, besides being "too soon." The subject comes up fairly regularly in the various Firefly fan groups I'm in, and I've seen this particular meme more than once:

I'd actually heard this story, that Wash and Book were killed off because the actors wouldn't commit to sequels, long before I'd ever seen the meme. I didn't believe it then, and I still think it's COMPLETE AND UTTER BS, and it peeves me that it's getting spread around as a "FireflyFact."

Here's why I believe this is bogus:

--- Sherry Reardon, June 2017

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