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The purpose of the Belly Dance Florida site is to provide info for Middle Eastern dancers and enthusiasts who are living in or visiting Florida, or perhaps just thinking about coming here.

I want to make this site represent Florida as completely as I can. My goal is to have a useful, non-partisan, informational site.

Social Media

When this web site was started, social media as we know it today basically didn't exist. Now, of course, its popularity makes social media the best source for many kinds of information. As such, we have set up a Belly Dance Florida (group) on Facebook, so anyone can share that kind of dynamic information. (We also have a Belly Dance Florida "page" there, but that doesn't work as well for sharing among everyone.) Find us on Facebook

The Organizations section of this site includes info on other social media entities that may be helpful as well.

Web Site

While social media has its value, I think a web site like this still has value as well. So I will continue to maintain this site, although I confess I do spend a lot more time on Facebook than I do here :-)

This web site has the following sections:

- News: Auditions, jobs, requests, etc.
- Events: Calendar of happenings (reminder: Social Media is probably better for this)
- Teachers: Classes and instruction.
Performers: Solo dancers, dance troupes, and musicians.
- Vendors: Costumes, services, etc.
- Places: Where to go.
Organizations: Local clubs, organizations, newsletters, mailing lists, etc.
Miscellany: Odds and ends.
- Links: Other sites.

Most of the sections are further organized by region to make it easier for you to find information local to you.

Caveat: most of the listings on this site are provided by the people involved. A listing on this site does not imply I endorse the teacher, vendor, event, or whatever.

Contact Info

I am Sherezzah Bint al-Waha, your site owner and webmistress. Being based in Southeast Florida (Palm Beach county to be precise), I am naturally more aware of people and events in my local area. But it is not my intention to have the site be Southeast-Florida-centric. I really would like to cover the entire state. However, Florida is a big state and it's probably not possible for any single person to know everything that's going on... without help. If you see something missing, it's probably only because I don't know about it. So please help me out! If you have any suggestions, comments, or updates for anything on this site, send them on to me! See the submission info for details.

Although it's not my primary intent to use this site to promote my personal interests, I feel it only fair to point out that some of the sites linked here are mine: specifically, those for me or the Rising Phoenix Dancers (my dance troupe).

If you want to link to this site, please see my info on linking to this site.


Art credits

The Pharaonic Phlamingos on this site were adapted from clipart taken from  Neferchichi's Tomb.

The artwork on the front page with the quote by Laurel Victoria Gray is by Meira, Joyful Dancer.


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