Belly Dance Florida: Jihan Jamal
Jihan Jamal
ADORA World Dance

Name Jihan Jamal
Location Southeast-Miami area
Roles Teacher, Performer, Vendor
Web site
Phone 305-625-2233 (office) or 305-342-5458 (mobile).
Snailmail P. O. Box 831894, Miami, FL 33283-1894
Comments Director: ADORA World Dance Productions.

Egyptian regional folk, Beledi, and Sharqi

Also: Levantine dances: Debke, Muwashshahat
Khaleejee (Gulf): Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti styling
Interpretive: Veil, Pharonic, Dance Theatre

Specialty workshops: "Unveil the Woman" (creative process, dance theatre and dance therapy).
"Preparing to Perform" (preparing a performer's portfolio, preparing show segments and choosing appropriate costuming for the venue, to setting performance fees).

Also vends as "Basboussa's Boutique".


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