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News and Announcements

This page lists auditions, jobs, requests for assistance, and other similar types of announcements. I'll also post references to belly dancing in the media. Postings here tend to be of a temporary nature. Newer items are listed at the top. To get something listed, please contact me.

- Instructors beware
There are several cons going on targeting dance teachers. For example, the con artist sends you emails arranging for private dance lessons (usually for their daughter) which they want to pay for all at once in advance. They send you a check for significantly more than you requested, then their check turns out to be bad, but presumably you already sent them (or their confederate) a refund for the overage. Be suspicious of emails with a lack of important details, e.g. "for a party in the U.S.A." but nothing about the state or city. Discussion on
(Originally posted as a normal item here on 10/13/05; updated 4/30/12. Leaving up because it's still going on.)

- We're now on Facebook as a "group" at We still have our "page" at These should make it easier for everyone to share certain types of information in a more dynamic way (if they're also on Facebook).

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(updated 8/24/13)

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- MY APOLOGIES! I just noticed my ISP apparently changed something about my service, such that some contact info for people on the site is messed up. I am working to fix it. (posted 11/12/11)

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- Shari Bernard, of Baladi Boutique, longtime sponsor of Festival on the Nile in Orlando, passed away on November 3, 2010, after a long bout with cancer. (updated 3/14/11)

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- Southeast area dancer Raina passed away December 28, 2009, after a long battle with cancer. Her memorial is on Youtube (in 15 parts):
(added 1/20/10; updated 3/15/10)

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- The second Saturday in May is World Belly Dance Day, every year!

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- April 29 is International Dance Day! (Every year!) Create your own event! See this Dance Day info from the director for details.

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Items on this page are typically only kept here for a short time. Notices that mention a specific deadline may be deleted any time after that deadline. Links to articles in the media will usually be kept as long as the link is active. Otherwise, items will usually be kept for about 3 months.


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