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I welcome (and need) your info to keep this site up-to-date! Listings are free. Email any requested additions, updates, suggestions, or comments to me at

Of course, I reserve the right to edit any submissions as I see fit, but my primary goal in doing so will be for grammatical correctness and consistency in presentation.

Submission Tips:

Region/location info: Most of the info on the site is organized by region to make it easier for readers to find applicable information. So please make sure you include location info with your submissions so I can properly categorize them. I need a city or town (not just general region) in particular for Performers, Teachers, and Events.

Contact info: Most types of listings require some kind of contact info, to allow someone who is interested in the item to get more details about it. Contact info must include at least one of email address, phone number, or URL of web site with contact info. A snailmail address is optional.

Note that it is not a requirement that one have email or a web site in order to get listed on this site. However, the needed information does need to get to me somehow. The easiest way for this to happen is if someone emails me the info on behalf of the "unconnected" person (I'll assume permission to post has been granted). Or, email me to get my snailmail address.

More specific requirements for each section are listed below.

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- News: This is for announcements and notices for things like auditions, jobs, Florida dancers in the media, requests for assistance, and the like. Provide info about the news item, along with contact info if appropriate.
- Events: This is for special happenings, such as workshops, special performances, etc. This is the main section that works best with our Facebook group. But I'll still post entries here as time permits. So in general, feel free to submit this kind of info if you have a reasonably long lead time.

For posting in this section, events need not be specifically for Middle Eastern dance, but they should have some relation to it. For example, bead shows, Renaissance festivals, and Greek festivals would be reasonable. This section is primarily for events that occur within the state of Florida; however, I may also list events happening in adjacent states, or events where Florida teachers/dancers play a significant role. The events must be available to the general public, although it's OK if they have a fee or limits on the number attending. This section is intended for short-term events, where the timeliness of attendance is significant. Long-term events (such as museum exhibitions) would be more appropriate for the "Places" section. Please provide info on what the event is, when and where it will be happening, and contact info.

I use a separate page for recurring events to save both me and you the trouble of entering the same info over and over. Of course, there's some editorial discretion as to what section something belongs in. Regular weekly classes are not "Events" (recurring or otherwise--they are listed in the "Teachers" section); a monthly specialty workshop probably would be. Regular restaurant gigs are also not "Events" (they are listed in "Places"); a monthly student showcase probably would be.

- Teachers: The criteria for being listed here are that you are providing instruction on Middle Eastern dance within the state. They may be in the form of regular scheduled classes, or private lessons. Please provide preferred name, where and when you teach, and contact info. Also possibly a comment about what style or specialty you teach. You may send a picture to be included with your listing (or tell me where I can get one off the web).

Although my current listings are only by teacher name, I have an idea that with some programming I could generate listings by day of the week or other criteria... so the more detail you provide, the better.

Performers: This is for Middle Eastern dancers or musicians available for performances, either solo or group. You'll need to provide the name you perform under, the location (city or town) where you're based, and contact info. If you have any specialties you want listed, provide that info too. As with teachers' listings, you may include a picture.
- Vendors: This is for people selling items of interest to Middle Eastern dancers, and based in the state of Florida. Note that "items of interest" may include all kinds of things, not just costumes. For example, photography services and dancewear are appropriate for this section too. Also, you don't need to be a vendor that travels to dance shows; if you have a permanent shop in the state, that's cool too. Or even if you just sell out of your home, or via the Internet--as long as you're based in Florida. Please provide name of person or company, where you're located, what kind of things you sell, and contact info.
- Places: Here we list interesting places to go in the state. This includes, of course, restaurants that regularly feature belly dancing. But it also includes other places of particular interest to Middle Eastern dance enthusiasts, such as museums with Orientalist or Islamic art. Please provide info on where the place is, any relevant dates if applicable, and contact info (at least a phone number or web site).
- Organizations: This section lists local organizations, clubs, newsletters, mailing lists, or similar sources of more local information on the dance. Please provide details on what it is, and contact info if applicable.
Miscellany: This is for odds and ends relating to Middle Eastern dance in the state of Florida, but which just don't fit in any other category. If you have any tidbits you'd like to share, please send them along.
- Links: I would like to list any Middle Eastern dance-related site that is based in Florida here. I will also include those I feel are of interest to people in Florida, or of general interest. I will probably also include links to people who'll provide reciprocal links. If you want to link here, please see my info on linking to this site.


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