Key for MegaMoot photo:

Sitting/Kneeling (rough front row, left to right):
Dan Prener, Philip Cohen, Cliff Pickover, Jeff Hibbard, Barbara Hibbard, Elizabeth Poole, Glenn Knickerbocker
Rough middle row (left to right):
Bob Sanders, Amy Varin, Emily Way (with Spam can over head), Tim Coleman, Mary Ellen Adams Coleman, Diane Reese (in red t-shirt, falling over: calibration point), Cathy Husted, Eileen Conklin, Ginny Trautman, James Antognini, Mary Catelli, Charlie Rovner, Catherine Ricardo, Henry Ricardo
Rough rear row (left to right):
Jere Sanborn, Phil Hobbs (holding Spam can), Chris Wolak (almost hidden), Mark Contois, Idajean Fisher (in MA's hat), Steve Rundlett, Dave Mooney (glasses glaring: calibration point), Dennis Culligan, Bill Trautman, Karen Holloway, Tom Way, Bill Strohm, Bill Conklin's eye peering over Ed Costello's head, Bob Dunscomb, Larry Pieniazek, Sandy Canetti (lurking half into the kitchen).