The ODC South Banner
*The Banner*

About the Oasis Dance Camp-South Banner

The banner above was created especially for Camp South by the Rising Phoenix Dancers all working together: getting materials, planning, cutting, sewing, beading, making tassles, etc. Sherezzah, Joani, Katina, Adena, Akasha, Marn, and Mona all contributed to its construction. (Camp North and Camp West have their own, different banners, made by other people. You can see all three banners at the Oasis web site.)

Houri detail The center part of the design is called "Flying Houri" and comes from a Camp T-shirt design one year (1989, I think). Yes, those are real feathers in her hair, and yes, those are real beads hanging around her neck (see detail right). The hieroglyphics on the left, in the pillar shape, say "Oasis Dance Camp." The hieroglyphics in the cartouches on the right say "Sa'ida" and "Vashti", the names of the two Camp directors.

The bottom of the banner is decorated with multicolored tassles and pogs. All the pogs were chosen especially for their Middle Eastern (e.g. camels) or Florida-ish (e.g. sharks) designs. (There's a history of pog usage in our troupe, but that's a whole 'nother story.)

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