Top Ten Reasons to Go to Oasis

The Top Ten Reasons to Attend Oasis Dance Camp

10. Four fun-filled days of total immersion in ME dance and culture.

9. Everything's included (room, food, classes, etc.) for one low price. (Ok, well, shopping is extra :-)

8. The Oasis Dance Camp Library has a wide assortment of materials on costumes, culture, the dance, etc.

7. Specialty classes are included (topics vary from location to location and year to year, but have included costuming, makeup, cooking, silk tie-dye, and self-defense).

6. Evenings with informal "family-style" dancing, similar to what you might find in the Middle East at a women's party.

5. You have opportunities to be silly.

4. The locations (in Michigan, Washington state, and Florida/Georgia) are attractive vacation destinations in themselves.

3. You can perform for the best, most loving audience in the world--your fellow campers.

2. TWO top-quality instructors! Always Cassandra, and another that varies from year to year.

1. Meet interesting people from all over and make new friends.

In summary, ODC is not an ordinary seminar, it's an extraordinary experience.

(This list was developed by Sherezzah in August 1998.)

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