Videos with the Rising Phoenix Dancers

The Rising Phoenix Dancers can be seen, individually and collectively, on a number of Middle Eastern Dance videos.

YouTube clips:

Also check out Sherezzah's page for some clips of her as a solo artist.

Show videos:

The following are generally available:

Other Videos - Recommendations

(Information from Sherezzah.)

I am often asked if I have any teaching videos. The answer is no, I don't... and part of the reason is that there are already a lot of other wonderful teaching videos out there.

My personal recommendations for teaching videos for beginners are:

My personal recommendations for performance videos are:

For more information on videos and video recommendations, check out the Middle Eastern Dance Resource Guide video page.

I also have a fairly extensive video collection; if you want my candid opinions on any Middle Eastern dance videos, feel free to email me, Sherezzah, sherezzah(at)

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