Sherezzah Bint al-Waha

Sherezzah is the director of the Rising Phoenix Dancers, and also choreographs many of their dances. She has been doing Middle Eastern dance since 1981, having come from a background of international folk dance.

It was at an international folk dance event that she saw her first belly dancer. The dancer moved her body so fluidly with her veil billowing out behind her that Sherezzah thought it was the most "awesomely beautiful" thing she had ever seen. Later at a similar event, she was inspired by a wonderful story about the soul of a dancer. Thanks to the Internet, she finally found that story again. It's from Khalil Gibran; there's a copy here.

Having started classes with Aelura of Boca Raton, Sherezzah has over the years studied with many more teachers and attended seminars and workshops all over the USA. Her travels have taken her to Greece, Morocco, Turkey, and Egypt (see links below) for her dance studies. The "Bint al-Waha" in her name means "daughter of the Oasis," and refers to Oasis Dance Camp, which is probably the most significant influence on her dance. She attends it every year to have a chance to study with her favorite teacher, Cassandra.

Today, besides performing and directing the troupe, Sherezzah occasionally teaches private lessons and workshops. She also occasionally writes and does photography and videography. Her articles and photos have appeared in various places on the Web, as well as in some of the hardcopy "trade journals" such as Zaghareet, Habibi, Crescent Moon, and Middle Eastern Dancer; and in various local dance newsletters around the world. In addition, as a public service to Middle Eastern dancers throughout the state, she created the original Belly Dance Florida Web site, and later its corresponding Belly Dance Florida Facebook page and Belly Dance Florida (group), also on Facebook.

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