Arabian Nights Images - Adeline H. Bolton

Somehow I obtained more than one copy of The Arabian Nights from the Children's Classics series, copyright by the John C. Winston Company in 1924 (one copy is also copyright 1957), probably because they have different covers. This version is described as having "sixty illustrations, with colored plates by Adeline H. Bolton." The wording makes it not so clear if Ms. Bolton did all the illustations or just the colored ones; however, the styles look fairly similar so I'm inclined to believe she did them all.

Overall, I enjoyed these illustrations, especially the images of women. Male figures occasionally looked somewhat cartoonish, but the women look quite lovely. And we do have a couple of our friend Morgiana, although not of her dancing.

Here's Morgiana from the Ali Baba story, captioned "She poured boiling oil into each jar."
And here she is again, captioned "She took him to the first jar and bade him look in."
This color image is captioned "Transported instantaneously into the Princess Nourannihar's chamber" from "The Magic Carpet, the Tube, and the Apple."
From the same story, this is captioned "'Come near, Prince Ahmed; you are welcome.'" I particularly like her ornate costume here.
From "The Enchanted Horse," this is from a picture captioned "A handsome reward to anyone who could cure the princess."
This camel is just too funny--he looks like he's laughing! He's from "The Story of the Forty Camels."