Arabian Nights Images - Antony Groves-Raines

This charming Tales from the Arabian Nights from the Heirloom Library published by Chanticleer Press Inc., New York, has no date that I can find, but it does credit the drawings to Antony Groves-Raines. From what I can find on the Internet, Mr. Groves-Raines was particularly known for illustrations for Guinness (beer) ads. I don't see a beer connection here, but I still find his color and line drawings to be fun and enjoyable. And there are quite a lot of them in this book, in color as well as black-and-white.

I especially like the costumes shown in the pictures. They look moderately authentic, in an East Indian sort of way, and they're loaded with interesting details.

From "The Story of the Envious Man and of Him who was Envied," the costumes are interesting, but what I really like about this picture is the cat.
This one is from "The Story of the Second Calender," captioned "They threw flashes of fire out of their mouths." I think they look kinda like they're dancing.
This is from "The Story of Zobeide." I'm not quite sure what's going on here, but I like the details in the skirts and cholis.
Same story, and again, the clothing is very interesting.
Here's our gal Morgiana, from "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves", revealing what's in the jars. I love the detail in the coats here.
And here she is dancing: "She drew the poignard, and... began a dance..."

The following appeared at the end of the book, not apparently associated with any story. I don't know what the significance of the lizard is, but I think he's cute!