Arabian Nights Images - Frances Brundage

I have two copies of The Arabian Nights published by the Saalfield Publishing Company, Akron, Ohio in 1924, but they're not the same. It appears that one is basically just the last half of the other, omitting the first several stories (including the Sindbad and Aladdin stories). The books have different covers, different color frontispieces, and (obviously) different numbers of pages. However, on the title page they both say "with One Hundred Illustrations by Frances Brundage." One of them is apparently misleading about the number, but I confess I didn't count to check.

In any case, the illustrations are lovely. The color covers seem to be in a similar style to the line drawings inside the book, so are probably by the same illustrator. The pic at left is from the cover of the smaller book and apparently shows Morgiana dancing; compare with the line drawing from the interior.

This is from "The History of the Young King of the Black Isles."
This is from "The Story of Aladdin; or, the Wonderful Lamp." The caption is "When she came within three or four paces of the door of the bath, she took off her veil and gave Aladdin an opportunity of a full view of her face."
This is also from the "Aladdin" story. I think the costumes here (and elsewhere) are interesting.
This is from "The Story of the Enchanted Horse."
This is from "The Story of the Three Sisters."
This is from the same story.
This is from "The Story of Prince Ahmed and the Fairy Perie Banou."
This is from the same story. I think this is cute because the fairies are dancing.
This is also from the same story.
This is from "The Story of Agib."
This is our friend Morgiana from "The History of Ali Baba, and of the Forty Robbers Killed by One Slave," captioned "She danced with much grace."