Arabian Nights Images - Unknown

I first found these pictures in an edition titled The Arabian Nights Entertainments, published by George Routledge & Sons, London and New York, which was estimated to have been published in the 1890s. The Preface indicates it's an edition "relieved of all objectionable matter... for family reading." It doesn't include "Ali Baba"; perhaps they found it objectionable.

This version has a few black and white illustrations, but gives no name for the artist. They do have a "look" I associate with the 1800s.

I later found another edition with much the same illustrations (some duplicates, some additional) but in color! It also includes Ali Baba, with a picture of Morgiana dancing. This one is The Arabian Nights' Entertainments, published by David McKay, Philadelphia. However, we still have no date and no illustrator name.

First I'll show some of the duplicates, then a couple more from the McKay edition.

The frontispiece in both editions, captioned "The vizier's daughter entreating the consent of her father." (Only the Routledge edition actually included captions.) I believe the daughter here is Scheherezade.

This image is from "The Story Told by the Jewish Physician" captioned "The two ladies."

This one is captioned "Comparison" from "The History of Camaralzaman, Prince of the Isle of the Children of Khaledan and of Badoura, Princess of China."

This is from the McKay edition and so has no caption. It's located after "The Story of the Enchanted Horse" and I think that's what it goes with.

And here's our gal Morgiana.