Arabian Nights Images - Harry G. Theaker

I have two versions of The Arabian Nights illustrated by Harry G. Theaker and published by David McKay in Philadelphia. One is from "The Newbery Classics", the other "The Golden Books," and neither has a copyright date that I can find. The former does have a hand-written note on the endpapers showing a date of '43; the latter has a bookplate with a date of 1928.

The illustrations are lovely color plates. The Newbery edition has only 4 pictures in it, but the Golden Books has 4 extra ones, including one of our gal Morgiana dancing. The colors are luscious, and the costumes even look fairly realistic. These are my favorites:

This is from "Prince Ahmed and the Fairy PerieBanou" and is captioned "The lady seated herself upon a sofa."
From "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves", this is captioned "Morgiana seized the dagger and danced wildly."
This is from "Prince Agib" and is captioned "They placed before me a table of fruits." I especially love the colors in the fan here.