Arabian Nights Images - Milo Winter

The first book I got for which Milo Winter was the illustrator was The Arabian Nights Entertainments, a Windemere Readers school edition originally published by the Rand McNally & Company in 1954. It had very few illustrations, and the only picture of particular interest to me is at right, showing Schehera-zade beginning her stories.

Some time later I obtained a far more interesting edition from 1914 with the same name by the same company. It has quite a few pictures, all color plates. And, yay, it includes our gal Morgiana dancing. Interestingly, the men in his illustrations often look cartoonish. The women look OK, but they all have short hair, which makes them look more "in period" for the artist than for the stories.

The dust jacket has this blurb: "The illustations by Mr. Winter in this notable edition of the Arabian Nights have brought forth universal commendation and have placed Mr. Winter distinctly in the highest rank of American illustrators of juveniles."

Here are some of the pictures from that edition:
Our gal Morgiana is featured on the frontispiece. The caption is, "She drew the poinard, and holding it in her hand, began a dance."
The is from the story "The Three Calenders, Sons of Kings, and the Five Ladies of Bagdad." The caption is, "He was chained to the spot by the pleasure of beholding three such beauties."
This is also in "The Three Calenders" and is captioned, "These ladies vied with each other in their eager solicitude to do me all possible service."