Arabian Nights Images - Unknown

The notice on the back of the title page of this book says "Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1852 by Phillips, Sampson, and Company In the Clerk's office of the District Court of Massachusetts." This seems to be the equivalent of a copyright notice. (The date, in particular, is a bit blurry so I'm not 100% certain of it.) For such an old book, the pages are in pretty good shape, except for the title page and frontispiece, which are torn at the bottom.

What I have on the title page says "The Thousand and One Nights, or the Arabian Nights' Entertainments; Illustrated." There's a fairly large space after the "illustrated" so I don't think it ever gave credit to the illustrator. Actually, the only illustration I could find was the frontispiece, so the "illustrated" seems to be misleading at best.

But I did like the one illustration, at right. The camel seems to be smiling! Below is a detail: