Arabian Nights Images - Tessa Hamilton

I bought this book mainly because it had a cool picture of a dancer on the cover (right). The insides turned out to be equally delightful. Published by Brimax Books Ltd. in 1988, this Tales from the Arabian Nights, adapted by Peter Oliver and illustrated by Tessa Hamilton, has color pictures in similar style on every page.

Even the endpapers are cool. They look kind of like an Oriental carpet, with the design actually a repeating pattern of peacocks and medallions like at left. There are different silhouettes in the medallions, like a dancer (shown larger at near right) and a camel (far right).

And yes, it includes our lady Morgiana, dancing with a dagger and a veil, which is pretty amazing when you think about it.

But I think what charmed me most was they had little pictures of kitties, like the one below, at the end of each chapter: