Arabian Nights Images - Vera Bock

Vera Bock is the illustrator for this edition, simply titled Arabian Nights and published by Longmans, Green and Co., New York. This has copyright dates of 1898 and 1946. Although it's not clear when the illustrations are from, the research I've done would suggest they're from 1946. My copy is a reprint from 1952.

These delightful line drawings are quite charming. Alas, it's disappointing that there's not a picture of Morgiana in action. Ms. Bock does seem to enjoy putting birds in her pictures. This first picture here is fron the title page, apparently Scheherazade telling her tales to the sultan.

This is from "The Second Old Man and the Two Black Dogs."
This is from "The Vizir Who Was Punished."
And this is from "The Jealous Sisters."